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About Us

We help game studios and venture-backed companies accelerate their time to market, create prototypes that win additional investment, and increase design and development productivity.

Remora Free

REMORA -  rem·o·ra /ˈremərə/

(Noun) “helpful” fish that attaches itself to a shark and never leaves.

“We're not remoras; we're Lassie, a trusted partner who helps only when you need.”

- Dalia Hierro, Founder

At Dalia Consulting...

... we understand that every software development studio has a unique culture. That's why we approach each project with a fresh perspective. We learn your company's specific culture and build on what makes your team special and happy.

First, we pinpoint improvement areas and highlight your strengths.

Then, we create a customized plan that takes your company to the next level. Lastly, we help you deliver on it.

One of the most popular "dog stars" of midcentury America, Lassie was an intelligent and brave collie famous for her loyalty, compassion, and love toward humans and fellow animals.

Our Principals

Committed to Helping You Level Up Your Game
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