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Our Clients

Our clients range from start-ups to award winning game studios to Series B SaaS operations. Every company has a unique culture and special sauce that drives their success. We build on this distinctive foundation to take each company to the next level on terms that are especially tailored to them.


Our clients range from:

  • Game development investment firm with a high-growth portfolio of minority and majority-owned game studios

  • Series B website builder company whose platform allows users to create customizable websites without needing extensive technical knowledge

  • Award-winning mobile games studio specializing in high-profile licensed apps for kids

  • AA game studio backed by Tencent known for a popular ARPG (Action Role Playing Game)

  • Series B EdTech company specializing in classroom rated AR (augmented reality) games for children

  • Series D EdTech firm extending their parent-teacher communication platform to include an MMO for kids and teachers


Collectively, our team has worked with the following companies:

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